Warmth in the time of COVID

That first winter in the New World must have been a harrowing one for the people settling Ste. Croix Island in 1606.

What to do? What to do?

Thunder Bay responded to the pandemic this spring and summer with colour and style.

A new landscape for Strawberry Hill

A screech owl with wide, popped eyes. Delicate snowbirds with flowers on their backs. Folksy mice with alert, quizzical stances.

A Farndale Ladies’ Christmas Carol

The unforgettable ladies from the Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society, last seen in Cambrian Players’ 2017 production of The Farndale Murder Mystery, are back!

Christmas Crafts & Winter Markets

Tallin, Budapest, Strasbourg, Vienna. Winter Markets and Christmas Craft Fairs are booming all over the world, sometimes transforming tiny European towns into prime tourist destinations.

Radically intensive

It’s a radical idea - ten playwrights, ten plays, ten minutes each. But then again, in theatre, radical is the name of the game.

Experience the Magic

Illusion. Mentalism. Sleight of Hand. Spellbinding. All terms for what Mackinley Oliver prefers to call magic.

Ants to Dinosaurs: the sky’s the limit!

Although many Thunder Bayers may not officially know Michael O’Connor they certainly know his art.

In The Shadow of Anemki Wajiw

What sparked this endeavour was the work of an aspiring young artist and film maker, Susan Blight, from Couchiching First Nation.

From scrap to art

Elaina Roberts of Hamata Creations is not your typical artist.


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