How They Met

Tree planting date turns into a long lasting relationship

Eighteen years ago, powerhouse activist and singer-songwriter Shy-Anne Hovorka met her husband Ben Bartlett while they were working on a tree plant in Red Lake.

Love in the Waterfront District

The love story of Deborah and Mark Clements began with two chance meetings at Tony & Adams Bar & Grill.

From Canada to England and Back

The beginnings of Alexandra Bono and John Murray’s relationship stem back to 2002, when they were the last members of their high school friend group in Toronto to get summer jobs.

Dr. Anna Guttman and Dr. Daniel Hannah

Dr. Anna Guttman and Dr. Daniel Hannah met an ocean away from Thunder Bay. Specifically, in a computer lab in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Thomas Cosbey and Michelle Zapf-Bélanger

The musical couple who are partners in every sense of the

Brad & Lisa Laco

She is the voice of Thunder Bay’s Superior Morning radio show and he is the man who swept her off her feet.


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