Need to tear apart molecules?

September 2016

Scott Butcher does it right here

Scott Butcher is a true local rock star, creating an amazing invention right here. Growing up in both Australia and Canada, his family ties brought him to Thunder Bay where with a little research and some local support was able to start his company, Meaglow.

Here’s the rock star part. Scott’s Meaglow product in layman’s terms is basically a plasma light or sun ball that when pushed through gas, tears the molecules apart to make them more chemically active. This application is great when making thin layers of film used in the manufacturing of semi-conductors.

Butcher’s unique technology is being used at leading research institutions including the University of Colorado, University of Dallas, Lawrence University Berkeley in California and by the U.S Navy and NASA.

Scott says getting his technology in the hands of these large institutions was a slow process. “We provide an enabling technology, far in advance of what is currently available. But customer cycles are very long. We’d been in touch with NASA for almost three years, they were interested for that long, but didn’t have the budget to proceed. The American recovery finally allowed them to go forward,” said Butcher.

And what does the future hold for his Thunder Bay based company?

“We hope to sell more and revolutionise an industry with our advanced plasma sources. It’s not a far out hope, it’s actually happening, our sales are growing. We use the local machine shops in Thunder Bay, they’re able to deliver a high quality product in a short amount of time. We’re helping to keep local engineers in the area, and local machine shops busy”, shares Butcher.

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