A breath of fresh air

June 2017

For June Bjorn Boyer, hanging out the laundry just became a lot simpler thanks to her new patented invention. She is the proud recipient of the Canadian and United States Design Patent for her invention, HangAir®.

Her invention is simple – it secures a clothes hanger to a clothesline. So, as June says, no basket, no clothespins, no wrinkling. It was designed to help dry and care for clothing because machine drying can ruin clothing, and clothesline drying with clothespins cause pinch marks, wrinkles and stretching.

“I’m surprised that no one has ever invented this before considering we’ve been using lines and clothespins since 1853” says June. “I searched through many stores thinking that something should be available, but never found what I needed. I decided that if I wanted it, I had to invent it.”

She approached Squint Innovation & Branding Inc., a company that works to bring ideas to market. The Industrial Designer liked the idea because it fit five of their success criteria: it offers value for the price, it is environmentally friendly, it is easy to use, a simple concept, and appeals to a wide audience.

At a stage in life when many consider retirement, June is revving up with a new career as inventor and business person. She’s doing what many of the retirement advice books say, “don’t retire, rewire.” She is a living example of success that can come from taking a simple idea and running with it!

Currently, HangAir® is available in Thunder Bay at The Loop, JB Evans, and Authentique Gift Shop, or through the website at prettymodernproducts.com

Nancy Angus is a freelance writer and regular contributor to Bayview. Contact her at nangus@shaw.ca

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