The power of pilates

June 2018

Get up, get out and get moving! Something we all look forward to now that summer has arrived.
Debbie Ross Bisignano of Ross Pilates and Conditioning notices every March that her studio starts to get busier with clients getting ready to run, golf, hike, garden and anything else they enjoy doing. “We are seeing more and more clients who want to move better and feel better so they can continue to do the things they love, whether it is a sport, gardening or playing with their grandkids,” says Ross Bisignano.

Pilates is a method of conditioning that is achieved using low impact strengthening, flexibility and endurance exercises. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.

Many people attend classes and training throughout the year so that they are continually making progress on their strength, flexibility and core stability.

Some of their clients may have specific goals and can work with the staff to develop a customized training program, or combination of classes. For instance, golfers work on core stability and shoulder mobility, to enhance their game and reduce the risk of back and shoulder injuries. “Just like building a house, we first need a strong, solid foundation. It is the same with the body. We need to build a strong, stable core first as a good base from which we can move,” says Ross Bisignano.

Karyn Loree-Spacek and Donna Korroll can attest to the power of Pilates to come back from health issues. In 2015, Loree-Spacek underwent emergency surgery to repair her back, which came with a long recovery period. Debbie was recommended to Karyn by her health care team. In just over one year, Karyn went from walking like a robot, afraid to pick up anything or move too quickly, to fully enjoying life without worry about physical limitations. “Today, my strength confidence, balance, core and overall health are stronger than they had been in the years leading up to my surgery.” beams Karyn. She adds that Pilates has reminded her how important movement is in our daily lives.

Donna Korroll began twice weekly Pilates sessions because of osteoarthritis in her knees and to prepare her body for upcoming knee replacement surgery. “After a few weeks, I could not believe the changes I noticed. Mentally and physically, I started to feel ‘the old me’ come alive,” says Korroll. After her double knee replacement, she returned to Ross Pilates and Conditioning as quickly as possible, because her health care professionals all credited her quick recovery to Pilates.

Pilates complements other fitness routines as well. Janice Dickerson started Pilates about two years ago. Although she had been active, she knew something wasn’t clicking with her regimen. “What I needed was an exercise program that would allow me to build and tone muscle and improve my overall core strength and it had to be something that I could commit to and enjoy doing,” she recalls. She encourages anyone thinking about trying Pilates to attend a variety of classes. “All of the instructors are knowledgeable and supportive and have great senses of humour,” says Dickerson.

“We have some incredible clients who have seen profound changes in the quality of their lives. This is the reason we do what we do”, adds Bisignano.

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