Trailblazer of the Great Lakes

Captain Sarah Lewis is no push over. After all, the responsibilities of a ‘tugboat’ captain are numerous to say the least and an error in judgment has the potential of being catastrophic.

Journey in Some Amazing Moccasins

It was a cold afternoon in February when I sat down for coffee with Leonard Dick, accidental comedian, motivational speaker, and retired playboy.

Jack and Barbara Moro

The J.B. Evans couple recall their chance meeting, the Sadie Hawkins and their journey in love

Thunder Bay, You Say?

The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. The Empire State Building and Central Park. Night life and high fashion. Where Harry Met Sally and the Devil Wore Prada.

The carver's way

When Confederation College was removing the stumps of old spruce trees from their grounds the head of security contacted Stuart Mooney, who knew that Mooney could give the stump a new ‘life’-as art

Thunder Bay, You Say

Forensics Anthropologist Andrena Toth Finds Answer in the Stars

Thunder Bay, You Say?

Japan’s Iron Lady Trades Big Steel for Heart and Soul

Cool geeks

Discovering Thunder Bay’s Society for Creative Anachronism


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