A natural made bachelor party

September 2020

When George Comuzzi was thinking of planning a memorable experience to recognize his upcoming nuptuals, he took inspiration from the tales his father had told him over the years of canoe trips in Quetico Park. His father, Michael Comuzzi Sr., had spoken enthusiastically of his journeys there in the late 90’s, expressing his awe for its beautiful scenery and solitude. For George that sounded like the perfect ‘bachelor’ gathering with friends and family.

Like many grooms to be, George was forced to postpone his wedding due to the Covid pandemic, but decided that the important pre-wedding tradition of spending time with some of the important men in his life would go ahead as planned.

Eight family members and close friends including his soon to be father-in-law Denis Malette embarked on a 130 kilometer journey that included portages over 6 nights and 7 days. The troupe chartered a De Havilland Beaver through Sapawe Air, where 4 trips had to be made, flying in two at a time with one of the four canoes attached to the float. Their excursion spanned the Saganagons Lake to Maligne River through the famous falls chains to Kawnipi Lake ending at Pickerel Lake. They ate fresh fish each night including Pickerel, Bass, Northern Pike coupled with side dishes like Wild Mushroom Risotto, Roasted and Dried Tomato Gnocchi. Everyone ate really well!

Quetico Provincial Park, known for its iconic wilderness and rugged beauty usually welcomes over one hundred thousand visitors each year but Michael Sr. noted that the park seemed quieter than in previous visits, likely since many American visitors were kept at home this summer. He also noticed there were more Canadians traveling the trails and lakes, with visitors from B.C. to Nova Scotia among the few groups they did encounter.

A backcountry canoe trip may not be a traditional ‘bachelor party’ but as George says,“It was an amazing experience for all of us to share. Despite the fact carrying canoes and gear was hard work, the journey left us with an appreciation for, not only the time we were able to spend with each other, but how lucky we are to be able to experience this wonderful treasure so close to home”.

Bill Wrightsell is a marketing consultant and regular contributor to Bayview Magazine. Email him at wrightselladto@rogers.com

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