Age of Influence

Most recently, and for the first time in my life, I was too old to participate in a survey. Typically, I blow these off by declaring a potential conflict.

Splish Splash

Now that I am “retired” I am finding that I have been busy filling my days with all sorts of activities. One of these is my regular fitness regime in the pool.

Middle age moves

As I recently walked through an airport and, in fact, throughout my whole trip,

I noticed that I no longer have that “spring” in my step. Lately my movements are a bit more prescribed.

A bit of fit

I gave it an all-out effort, ignoring the obvious fashion faux pas of wearing a piece of rubber on my wrist (in black of course).

I do! Sue revisits the world of weddings

After a lengthy sojourn, I have had the opportunity to revisit the world of weddings.

Fashion four paws

Sue discovers fashion designs for her furry friend


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