Splish Splash

March 2017

Now that I am “retired” I am finding that I have been busy filling my days with all sorts of activities. One of these is my regular fitness regime in the pool. I attend drop-in classes that are either in the shallow or deep end and may or may not involve being tethered to a lane rope.

While this may sound a bit like torture, I can assure you that it is! We run, jump, sprint, crunch and weightlift our way through the water for an hour at a time. While contorting my body under water is much better than on land, it isn’t any easier.

I am not certain any of this is working in relation to weight loss. Of course, it doesn’t help that when I finish my class, I eat twice the calories I have burned. I read all the books. I am supposed to have a suppressed appetite after physical activity. Like when I have a cold, or fever or flu, my stomach doesn’t understand what the word suppressed really means.

One would think the incentive of having to squeeze myself in a bathing suit would help. I mean I walk from the change room all the way to the pool enveloped in spandex. Those who know me understand that I never show this much skin except on a beach and only when I am hidden behind a big sun hat and big sun glasses. I am virtually anonymous.

This is not the case at the community pool where people are walking, swimming and jogging near and in the pool as well as above on the walking/running track. Many I recognize even though I avert my eyes, staring at the pool deck hoping no one would notice me.

I would sprint into the pool if they would allow me and my flip flops wouldn’t be so difficult to navigate. Nothing would be worse than a middle aged, chubby woman in spandex, spread eagle on the pool deck following a flip flop malfunction.

I’ve gotten to be such a pool regular I now have my own locker. This is where I keep all my swim accessories like goggles, towels, shampoo and conditioner. Like a true middle aged woman, I adorned it with baskets for soaps and accessories, hangers for the extra clothing, paper liners to catch any water…all the amenities. This is a far cry from high school. My only worry now is remembering which one is mine (uh yes, they all look the same and no I can’t remember the number) and what my combination is. I consider this my memory exercise. No need for an app.

Whether this is doing me any good physically is questionable. But where else can I go for one hour, exercise, visit with friends, decorate my own space and carry the illusion of being slimmer (the feeling I get when submerged).

As I tell my friends, since retirement I am really making a splash. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Have a wonderful spring everyone.

Sue Prodaniuk is a marketing, advertising and communications consultant. She can be reached at sprodaniuk@shaw.ca.

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