Somewhere on a beach

The Lakehead. PACI. Mr. Garvey. Cheerleading. BoBo Penner. Randall Ide. Bobby Curtola. The Neebing. Baldy. Sylvia Horn. George the Porter. Loon. Redmen. Ross Rogers.

And there goes summer...

Closing up the cabin, trailer, camp, cottage or whatever you call that lovely place where you spend the halcyon days of summer is a bittersweet time. How do we know when that time arrives?

The joy of teaching

We all have a mental image of the ideal kindergarten teacher: a Mary Poppins look alike whose boundless energy and unending reserves of patience and good will outshine even those of Mother Teresa.

Age of Influence

Most recently, and for the first time in my life, I was too old to participate in a survey. Typically, I blow these off by declaring a potential conflict.

Splish Splash

Now that I am “retired” I am finding that I have been busy filling my days with all sorts of activities. One of these is my regular fitness regime in the pool.

Middle age moves

As I recently walked through an airport and, in fact, throughout my whole trip,

I noticed that I no longer have that “spring” in my step. Lately my movements are a bit more prescribed.

A bit of fit

I gave it an all-out effort, ignoring the obvious fashion faux pas of wearing a piece of rubber on my wrist (in black of course).

I do! Sue revisits the world of weddings

After a lengthy sojourn, I have had the opportunity to revisit the world of weddings.

Fashion four paws

Sue discovers fashion designs for her furry friend


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