50 years of memorable moments in local sports

It feels like a century ago that we kicked off a new year and new decade.

The impact of world events on sports

Normally at this time of year the sounds of the crack of a bat or a crowd cheering as a soccer ball makes its way to the back of the net would be normal occurrences.

Palaces of Ice

Each year at this time our local arenas are abuzz with activity with the sounds of skate blades etching the ice and pucks slapping against the boards.

A Proud Skating Past

Although hanging up my blades many years ago, I have been very fortunate to have remained involved in the sport of figure skating as a fan and as a member of the Skate Canada Hall of Fame and Herit

The power of pilates

Get up, get out and get moving! Something we all look forward to now that summer has arrived.

Cycling Through the Years Our city of champions rolls on

As I was driving out to visit some friends in South Gillies one weekend I found myself sharing the journey with not just other cars, but a multitude of cyclists who were grinding their way up and d

High flying

While some people may not enjoy the sight of snowflakes falling to the ground, skiers don’t think about the shoveling that is to follow, but rather relish in the thought of hitting the slopes and t

Winter surfing anyone?

Ah, the great surf beaches of the world…Bondi Beach, Bundoran, Malibu…Thunder Bay? Believe it, says local outdoorsman Will Gregorash.

Thunder Bay Athletes Excel at the World Multisport Championships

Thunder Bay’s John Power and Phil Brown participated in the Multisport World Championship Festival in Penticton at the end of August.

150 Years of Sports

As Canada celebrates 150 years of Confederation I thought it a perfect opportunity to take a step back in time to the early days of summer sport in this part of the world.


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