Making a Better Rock Hammer

March 2017

Local Inventor Dave Pykari’s latest creation

After 16 years of working in mining exploration, Dave Pykari cut upwards of 50,000 meters of drill cores.

In 2007 after taking the Mechanical Technical Program at Confederation College he researched the manufacturing of diamond blades.

His years of depending on several blade brands throughout his cutting career made him acutely aware of each products strengths and downfalls. For about one year, Pykari embarked on a trial and error journey developing and critiquing the matrix of his own line of blades. Today, his company dp Diamond Blades sells blades worldwide, from his Murillo warehouse.

“We don’t just sell premium diamond blades, we offer impeccable one on one customer service to ensure they obtain optimum and best performance from every blade we sell”, says Pykari.

Not one to rest on his laurels, just over a year ago, he began to take an interest in creating his own rock hammer. The hammers are widely used by prospectors, geologists, miners & hikers. With research and development assistance from local designer Bill McParland, a prototype was made by Kam Valley Industries - and Pykari is pleased with the end result. “I believe our hammer will revolutionize other hammers currently available with its unique design and functionality”. Named the dp Rev, Pykari believes interest in his new rock hammer will be very strong as he looks forward to launching the new product by mid-summer.

With the rock hammer assembly done in Thunder Bay, Pykari expects to initially employ 2, and hopes to expand as the hammer garners acceptance in the industry.

But his success as an entrepreneur isn’t the only driving force in this local inventor’s life. He credits his 2 boys for his drive to succeed in creating new products.

“I try to instill good values and a strong work ethic with my boys aged 6 and 2. Each provided input into the design of his blades, the name of the hammer, they even helped me process orders. I hope one day my boys can be employed by one of the companies. Their future and security is the reason I wake up every day, they are the true passion in my life”, states Pykari.

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