Oh the weather outside is frightful...and grandchildren are so delightful

November 2021

Not really. I am sitting here in October, trying to get in the “mood” for Christmas. It is now 17 outside and sunny. It has been an incredible year weather-wise and for that reason I, like many, have been procrastinating in acknowledging that the festive season may be upon us. I mean we just put away the lawn furniture and we did it reluctantly! Plants I have left to their own care in the great outdoors, hoping I wouldn’t have to kill them myself, are doing the best they have done all summer. And now my summer plants clash with my soon to be festive decorations. I may have to give Mother Nature a little push.

As I am currently enjoying the weather, and gaze out at the fall colours, I am ready for the onslaught of little children dressed up as the most popular icons of the day. Orange and black are the colours of choice for right now.

I understand that most of us buy the treats that we prefer. And I must admit I do that because if there are any leftovers they won’t go to waste. I never had that problem, the waste part I mean. Unfortunately, like others quoted in the study (they needed to study this?) many of our all time favourites have been made smaller (Kitkat) or have disappeared from the shelves altogether. Mine were Crunchie bite size bars, even if they hurt my teeth.

I have actually seen a Christmas tree, lit and decorated in a neighbourhood window. As I am shaking my head, my competitive mind went into combat mode. Where did I put all my festive décor? Where is the big bow I made for the top of the tree, the giant decorations I use outside and the lights that I painstakingly reviewed last year and threw out if they no longer worked.
I shake myself back to reality. It is only October after all. Still I feel a little panic-stricken.

I am hopeful that the recent warnings about limited inventory of everything is more a marketing strategy than the truth. If I shop early and give away early, there is little left under the tree. This means I buy something so that the tree won’t look so bare. Shopping twice instead of once and spending twice as well.

I have picked up a gift here and there but most don’t make any sense or have any rhyme or reason. They are mostly a jumble of items that fit in a stocking. The big gifts are yet to be decided and as I continue to ask my adult children what they would like, most of the response is the all-time favourite, money towards the latest acquisition. Another reason the display under the tree is not very exciting.

This year we have our grandchild coming to visit. We have already had the warning, “We are flying and only have limited room for gifts returning home.”

I nod my head while sifting through items in stores and on websites. I can’t seem to help myself. There are cute stuffed animals, seasonal clothing and toys galore even though at his age,
(10 months by then) he will probably appreciate the lights, the crinkle of wrapping paper and anything he can put in his mouth a whole lot more.

Following his lead, I think consumables may be best for gifts this year. I mean we really don’t need anything or want to store anything new. Some nice cheese, charcuterie, snacks, cookies and candy would be most welcome. Of course a bottle of wine or two wouldn’t hurt either.

Salut and best wishes for the festive season!

Sue Prodaniuk is a marketing, advertising and communications consultant. She can be reached at sprodaniuk@shaw.ca.

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