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Nancy Angus is a freelance writer and regular contributor to Bayview. Contact her at

Recent Articles

The Corner Store

For some people the sight of a robin is a first sign of spring. For me, spring means a walk in the sunshine with a stop at the corner store for the first chocolate Popsicle of the season!

Photo finds its way back home

“My cousin went to a garage sale in Regina and picked up this post card. He sent it to me because he thought I might appreciate it,” said Mabel Silver, a long-time resident of Westfort.

The Art of the Story

Jim Hyder reveals how he developed his passion

The carver's way

When Confederation College was removing the stumps of old spruce trees from their grounds the head of security contacted Stuart Mooney, who knew that Mooney could give the stump a new ‘life’-as art

Justin Stolz sings for memories and more

I remember having the honour seeing Justin Stolz at a Christmas Eve concert at First Wesley United Church.

The Community Crew

I caught up with Jeff Thingstad at a coffee shop.

The Pineville Heist

Carl Bailey is a Texas-based actor who flew to Thunder Bay for the premiere of The Pineville Heist, a labour of love for first-time feature film-maker and Confederation College professor, Lee Chamb

Carol Kajorinne - forging her own path

Carol Kajorinne is a multidisciplinary artist building a career in the arts.

Taking the plunge

Warren Giertuga takes the Special Olympics Fundraiser to a new level


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