Dorothy Christie

Dorothy Christie is the Publisher of Bayview.

Recent Articles

Are you ready?

I’m always amazed at how swiftly the transition between fall and winter can be.

The 150 Summer

The warmer weather is here and the summer event schedule seems a little more vibrant than usual as we get ready to celebrate Canada’s 150th year.

Butter Tarts A Canadian Original

If you’re planning a celebration to mark Canada’s 150th birthday, you may want to consider serving a classic Canadian invention.

The Land of 1000 Restaurants...well, almost

Does anyone eat at home anymore? Italian, Chinese… Syrian you say? Thunder Bay’s burgeoning restaurant scene offers hundreds of new choices.

Cheers to the Volunteers

Now that was a fantastic summer!

The weather was definitely on our side as the city came alive with so many exciting events.

We got it right

Our marina has evolved into a magnificent place for the community to gather.

Let it snow, let it snow!

As winter starts to roll in, being able to embrace rather than fight it has always been something I’ve had to mentally work at. And I suspect many of you feel the same.


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